Part 2

Nikki’s Birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to get her for a present. Some of the others girls were putting in for something together, but I wanted to get her something special, just from me. On Friday night we were going to this restaurant to have pancakes, it was a tradition with Annika to have pancakes and ice cream with fudge for her birthday and this year she decided to invite us all along and then head out for drinks later at Weekender. Annika loved Weekender, it played brit-pop and 80s alternative classics and she was always going on about how she thought the Dj’s Manchester accent was sexy. I thought he sounded like an arrogant prick but that pretty much summed up Annika’s taste in men.

Pancakes, candles and present unwrapping later we made our way to Weekender, the whole group of us strung out in pairs on the pavement. Annika and I were walking together and I couldn’t stop gabbling about how beautiful she looked in her retro dress and smudged black eye shadow. She was beautiful in the way only Annika could be, sexy as hell in all black and then with one little thing that would take the edge off the almost icy perfection and melt my heart, like a chip in her nail polish or a run in her stockings. I had made her a necklace and ear rings for her birthday and she had put them on at the restaurant. Seeing the red crystal and pearls glowing against the lush skin of her neck was painful. All I wanted was to be alone with her, to run my tongue across the nape of her neck, her throat, her collar bone and down to her breasts that fitted so perfectly into her slim fitting dress.

We filed into the club, piling coats into the cloakroom. A lot of her friends who hadn’t come to have pancakes had turned up and I found myself gazing at her from across the room as she was swept away by a hundred hugs and happy birthdays. I ordered vodka and soda, and then a double, starting to feel a little edgy, as I didn’t really know the other people here. The music started to pick up and I caught her eye as her Mancunian dj blasted out the Dandy Warhols. She waved me over, pointing to the tiny dance floor. I slid through the sweaty crowd of op shop zip up jackets, airline bags and bowl haircuts up to where she was already rocking her hips in time to Bohemian Like You.

We were back in our tiny bubble again, on the dance floor making a mess of ourselves. It was hot in that overcrowded bar and we were both shiny with sweat. Vodka had made us both brave and we slid closer to each other. I loved the feel of her moving body and as Nikki rolled her hips with her arms around me, butterflies exploded into my stomach.

“Jessie, thanks for coming to my birthday.”

“Thanks for inviting me baby doll.”

“Can we go to the bar? I want another drink.”

We threaded our way back through the crowd. More than a few guys were staring as we sidled up to the bar and ordered shots and then another couple of drinks. Nikki chatted to a few friends but I could sense she was trying to make it as brief as possible, keeping her hand locked over mine. On the pretext of going to go and get her bag, we slipped behind a curtain near the dj booth. Our drinks had gone down easily and Nikki twirled the ice around with her straw. She raised an eyebrow before scooping ice in her long fingers and pushing it down my top. She pressed her hand down on the neckline of my dress so I couldn’t pull it out. I wriggled from the burn of the ice melting on my neck. Ice mixed with sweat and a channel of water dripped between my breasts onto my stomach. Annika laughed as she ran her hand down from my throat, pressing the cold water into my skin. My nipples stung from the sensation as my skin flushed.

“My turn birthday girl.” Nikki shrieked as I took an ice cube and held it against the tiny hollow in the centre of her collarbone. At first she tried to shrink back from it, then she straightened, leaned closer and held my hand down over hers. When that ice cube disappeared into her skin, I reached into my glass again, slipped an ice cube between my teeth and pressed it against her lips. She held her lips closed as I traced ice over the outline of her mouth. When the ice melted and trickled down into my throat, she leaned forward, and kissed me. Our lips flushed and warmed as Annika gently pushed her tongue into my mouth. If she hadn’t of been holding me right then, I would probably have collapsed. I had thought about this moment a thousand times as I watched her lips on the edge of teacups, sucking on the end of pens, and puckered in concentration and imagined the feeling of that perfect mouth on mine. As we kissed my hands rested on her waist and I ran my fingers down over her round hips, tracing over the fabric of her dress, exploring the curves I had looked at through her uniform at work. Her hands on my shoulders pulled my body close to hers and the heat of her swelled into my stomach and thighs. She leaned into me, with her breasts pressing into mine as her leg slid between my thighs. Those long fingers I had fantasised about went from my shoulders to my face, resting on the curve on the side of my breast. Sensations ricocheted all over my body and I craved her mouth with intensity. Annika was soft and feminine to kiss, taking gentle nibbles of my lip and licking the inside of my mouth shyly with her tongue. Her hands were bolder and I felt her sigh as her finger passed over the cup of my bra. She pulled back slowly, kissing my forehead as she stood up straight.

“I want to look at you Jessie.” Her hand traced a line from my forehead, down to the hair that had spilled out onto my neck. She ruffled it again then continued onto my throat, my collarbone and my chest. Slowly with her index finger she ran a line over my breast right over my hardened nipple. I stopped breathing as she continued over my stomach and onto the top of my thigh. She inched my hem up my leg in beckoning movements, kissing me as her fingers guided the rest of my hand onto my knickers. I was completely enthralled by this woman and my mind reeled as her fingers tugged playfully at the waistband of my underwear. My hands moved of their own accord from the back of her neck, over her shoulders, grazing her armpit and the contour of her breast. I pulled her close to me, our arms curling around each other and kissed her with more intensity. When we eventually came up for air I kissed her cheek then slid my tongue towards her ear. “Happy birthday Annika.”


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