Part 5

I hadn’t lasted a month without Annika in Furniture Hell before I was scanning the job ads looking to escape. Spring was around the corner and the lack of windows was playing tricks with my mind. I’d been feeling like I wanted to paint again and thought I’d go for something part time. Then there was that warehouse place to share with a bunch of other people, I’d probably regret it in a week but the rent was cheap and there was room for setting up easels and the like. I turned it around it in my mind. Annika’s leaving had made me restless and I was seeking new avenues.

I ended up getting a job in a bar in the city. It was mainly night shifts and I relished the chance to go back to the hours I preferred keeping. I had always been more of a night owl, happiest when the light trickled out of the sky. It was late at night amidst a pile of incomplete academic assignments that I had done my best writing and felt the urge to paint stirring inside. I was usually tidy but there was something about painting that unleashed a miniature cyclone, and when I’d regain consciousness I’d be covered in splashes of paint and shreds of paper.

The bar job worked out well, I’d enjoyed trading in my ugly uniform for a tight black singlet and slim fitting jeans. The rest of the staff seemed cool and it didn’t take long to get into the swing of it. On weekends when the place was packed and the music pounded the whole team moved like one machine, flinging bottles, cracking tops and flirting with customers. I was single and enjoying the display of boys and bands that paraded every Saturday night.

Painting was also coming along slowly, I’d gotten through the frustrating part of coaxing my hand back into half forgotten actions and was finally starting to see those shapes and lines appear. A few life drawing classes had really helped out and I’d moved on to painting women in various states of undress, languidly leaning on elaborate chairs and unmade beds. Sometimes their faces resembled Annika’s, but more often than not they were dark haired with long dark lashes framing luminous eyes.

A couple of months on and I settled into the routine of working till late right through the weekend with a few nights off during the week. Working those kinds of hours made it hard to see my other friends and the staff at the bar became my extended family. We’d finish in the early hours, have knock off drinks and wind up sitting at a café picking over breakfast, still caked in eyeliner from the night before. A couple of times we’d take the party indoors and often end up at my place, mixing elaborate drinks and smoking joints to unwind. Sia and Toby were regular attendees at these informal parties and pretty soon we got to be close friends.

One particularly hot morning we were lying on the concrete floor of the painting area fending off the heat of the day. We were on to our third joint hoping it might send us to sleep after we had gotten so wired the night before. Sia had peeled off about a kilo of jewellery, a studded belt and her black boots in an effort to get comfortable on the floor. Toby was drifting in and out of sleep, one sinewy arm flung over his face. I had a water spray on the floor next to me and Sia and I were taking turns to spray our faces, spreading mascara down to our cheek bones. Sia was sexy and knew it, dark haired, tattooed and tough acting but once you got past that she was really sweet. She was a genius behind the bar and made magic out of bottles. Toby was the opposite, quiet, young and reserved, he’d been bussy for about a year while studying at uni. Toby liked weird sports like orienteering and read a lot of books. Sometimes he was so gorgeously naive I felt bad for the way Sia and I terrorised him.

We both looked at Toby lying on the floor, his arm still shielding his eyes from the light, his t- shirt inching its way over his flat belly, exposing a tiny curl of hair shyly snaking towards his navel. His rib cage rose and fell rhythmically and his mouth had softened in sleep. Light from the skylight caressed his jawbone and highlighted the delicate tracery of veins that fanned out over his arm. Sia broke my reverie with a knowing smile and as his breathing deepened and became more even we soundlessly rolled onto our feet, crept across the floor and emptied bottles of water on to him. Poor Toby writhed around from the shock, grabbing our legs and swiping at us to stop. Sia wrestled his hands and I held his feet down as we continued pouring water and rubbing it all over him, soaking his clothes. Toby eventually lay still and surrendered to our torture.

I looked up from where I had been engrossed by saturating Toby’s socks to see Sia leaning over Toby’s chest, peeling his shirt up his stomach with her metallic varnish fingernails. Sia gave me an intense stare, locking her eyes onto mine as she undressed Toby further. I was dimly aware that I was still holding Toby’s feet as Sia’s gaze burned, never once leaving my face. She pulled his t-shirt over his head and trapped his arms in it then dragged a nail from his belly button to his collarbone raising a faint red line. Challenge and provocation issued soundlessly from Sia’s darkly lined eyes and her plum lips drew back over her teeth as she offered his pale flesh. Toby seemed blithely unaware of the transaction taking place above him, sure that this was another of our torturous punishments.

Sia beckoned me to where she perched imperiously above Toby’s tangled arms. I slid forward on my hands and knees until my face neared hers. Sia reached out and drew my hand up to her mouth, sucking on my index finger. As I gasped quietly I felt Toby wriggle underneath us, unsure of what was happening. After withdrawing my glistening finger she guided my hand onto Toby’s chest, tracing a circle around his nipple that bristled in response. My hand rested on his chest as I kissed Sia’s beautiful dark mouth.

Sia pulled Toby’s t-shirt off as we kissed and he lay beneath us watching our bodies collide. Sia kissed with intensity and aggression, as though a rage had built up inside her that pounded the shore of her mouth. It was all I could to hang on as her lips snarled and devoured mine. Clothes were torn and red fingernail shaped crescents patterned my skin as her fever engulfed her. She pushed my face towards Toby’s and I took his startled mouth with mine, infected with Sia’s burning.

Sia had fired something inside me, and my nails and teeth dug into Toby. I could feel him shiver slightly as I pulled his head to one side and bit his neck. Sia was sitting back, leaning on the couch; eyes still focussed on Toby and me. She sucked her finger as she spread her legs, one hand pulling at her tight black jeans. I was straddling Toby, painfully gripping his shoulders as his cock hardened. He couldn’t see Sia behind him and focussed instead on undoing the zip on my trousers. I rocked forward on my hands to help him ease them off my hips and then I tore his loose fitting jeans and boxers away in one motion. Sia was mostly undressed by now too, her singlet pushed up over the rise of her purple pin stripe bra. One hand slid down her stomach as I kissed Toby again and I could hear her moan softly as I held his cock in my hand, stroking it gently. I rubbed the pearl of milky fluid onto the head of his cock as Toby writhed, the look of concern on his face dissolving as he bit his lip and exhaled. He raised his hand to the space between my legs as I straightened my back. Upright I watched Sia’s fingers slide over her lips as she pulled them upwards, letting the gentle rolling action stimulate her clitoris. Toby spread the wetness that his fingers coaxed from inside me over the edge of my pussy, gently darting a finger inside as I opened up. Her razor blade stare met mine as we sucked the colour from each other through snake like eyes. Ragged inhalations scrawled across the humid air while Toby lay between us. Sia’s fingers darted over her clit as I smiled at her and pushed Toby’s cock between my legs, butting the entrance of my swollen lips. I barely even registered him as I let my weight force his cock deep inside of me. I was completely mesmerised by Sia as she showed me how she pleasured herself.

I let Sia’s rhythm guide us as I followed her fingers. I rocked my hips back and forth as Toby moaned underneath me. Whenever I tore my eyes away from Sia I looked down at Toby as his face contorted and his mouth moved soundlessly. His pulse pounded and I could see the bluish veins near his neck flicker under his skin. I tightened myself around him and watched him contract in response, sensation engulfing and overwhelming him.

As Sia’s fingers became more frenzied and her moaning more intense I shut my eyes and focussed in on the feeling of Toby inside me. Rolling my hips over him I dropped forward so my face was close to his, my hair making a curtain around us. I could hear Sia and imagined her working herself to climax with those shiny painted nails. Toby held my waist and tensed his stomach as I felt the first vibration rippling from my clit ebb and then flow and with a few more thrusts finally amplify in waves right through me.

I looked up to watch Sia come, her mouth open and eyes wide as both hands worked her over the edge, fingers plunging inside of her as she released loudly. She jerked violently as the after shock gripped her and then slumped back on the couch breathing heavily. I watched her tremble and melt and softness overtake her face then looked down as Toby worked my body back and forth over him before holding me tightly as he arched and arched again in orgasm.

As he slid out of me I staggered off him onto the floor, sweating and breathing hard onto the concrete. I curled onto my side and shut my eyes as my heart slowed down, dimly aware of the sound of the fan whirring in the background.


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