Part 6

I came home from work to find the place empty. There was a note on the table from the rest of the housemates who had taken off to various locations for the long weekend to escape the heat of the house. I flopped down in a chair and peeled off my singlet, glad to finally be able to feel air on my sweat-slicked skin. I stank of booze and cigarettes and the smell permeated the room, reminding me of work. I’d done a double because Lucas called in sick but we were all pretty sure that he was still wasted from the night before. It was always amusing seeing how girls would fall in love with his angel face and later be surprised to see him shovelling cocaine up his nose and fucking in the toilet. I’d partied with Lucas a few more times than I should have and I could start to feel it affecting me.

Two days ago a postcard from Annika had arrived. It was the first in 3 months, scrawled in her girly writing and all about how she was excited to be coming home soon and showing me her photos. I felt a long way from how things had been before she left and wasn’t sure what it would be like when she came back. Every now and again I’d think about her sandy blonde curls and those long tanned legs but that day on the beach seemed so far from this tangle of half remembered nights spent getting fucked up with Lucas and the rest of them.

I decided to file thinking about that for later and was relishing the quiet of the house and the knowledge that no one would be home until Monday night. I’d taken the rest of my clothes off on the way to shower, dumping them in the hallway. As steam filled up the room and misted over the broken mirror in the bathroom I relaxed and let my thoughts drift away from work. Showering was the best way for me to unwind, and in a communal house it was the only time I really had any privacy. I scrubbed vigorously until my skin turned pink and then washed my hair, massaging my head under the scorching water. I felt like I had to rid myself of every trace of the madness of the past few weeks, like somehow cleaning my skin would clean my insides too.

I stood still and let the water wander over me, watching as water channelled over my breasts, down my stomach and coursed over my thighs. My muscles still felt tense so I detached the showerhead from the bracket on the wall and directed a spray of warm water over my shoulders, feeling the delicious tickle of the water pressure as I rolled the showerhead in lazy circles. As I moved it closer to my chest the thousand tiny jets of water prickled my nipples and they peaked in response to the stimulation. I guided the showerhead lower over my stomach, carving pink circles into my skin as my mind wandered back to Annika. Would she still want me?

I thought about how we had kissed and how she had let me touch her, how gently circling her pussy had persuaded her to let me explore her further. We’d both been so innocent, with our secret obsession hiding under our uniforms, stuck down with heart shaped stickers. What would it be like now?

As the showerhead moved over my stomach I thought about how I’d kiss her perfect mouth, slide my tongue down her neck and take little bites of her soft skin. I’d breathe in her scent and cup her breasts as I would whisper how since she’d been gone I’d learnt some new tricks. I’d tell her how I would please her, how I would make her ache and scream and then how I’d make her come.

I moved the showerhead down over the curve of my belly, gently teasing my mound but not going any further. I wasn’t in any hurry. I wanted to take it slow, like I would with Annika. I thought about how I’d lay her down on my bed, her hair spread out on my pillow like a halo and how I’d wrap that scarf around her pretty face just over the bridge of her straight nose. Then I’d tie one wrist to the bed head, and then the other, leaning over her so my breasts brushed her face. She would try and kiss me but I’d pull back, not letting her have more than a tiny nibble. She would be nervous but as I planted tiny kisses on her cheek and neck, holding her head still with my hand she’d relax slowly. She’d be lying still as I moved to the end of the bed tickling her toes with my fingertips. I’d slip my hands up between her legs, taking hold of the inside of her knees. Then I’d part them slowly, spreading her out on my bed. After tying her ankles I’d tell her she was mine, that I would do what I wanted with her for as long as I wanted to. Then I’d suck her toes and bite the arches of her feet. She’d wriggle but she wouldn’t be able to move away from me and I’d alternate between feet. Then I’d kiss my way up her legs, my hands caressing her skin, sometimes I would scratch her, marking where I’d been on her beautiful body. When I got to her knees she would start to shake, that’s when I’d sit up, move to her mouth, let her kiss me a little and then pull back again. I’d kiss her chest and then each breast, tracing the curve on the side, making smaller and smaller circles with my tongue until I got to her nipple. She’d moan as I licked her nipple then blew on it and with my knee right against her pussy I’d feel the first of her wetness soaking out of her. After I’d moved onto her other nipple she’d be trying to grind against my knee but I wouldn’t let her, checking to see she was till tied up securely.

I’d slide my tongue down her belly, stopping to lick little circles on her skin like I was doing now with the showerhead. I’d race kisses all over her thighs and back to her belly, all the while telling her she would have to wait, have to be good. A few little bites and pinches and my mouth would be moving over her mound, my tongue tracing either side of her lips as she sighed loudly and tugged against her binding. I wouldn’t suck her clit straight away; instead I’d flatten my tongue against her and pull up slowly, making her hood roll over her clitoris. She’d be swollen now and very wet. As I sucked her I’d run my finger up her thigh, scratching a little red line from her knee to her pussy. Very gently I’d moisten my finger with my mouth then stroke her lips and ease my finger near the entrance of her. I’d wriggle my finger gently as I alternated sucking her clit and blowing on her. She’d be trying to push herself onto my face, to feel my mouth on her pussy and push my finger inside her, but I wouldn’t let her. Then when she’d been good and laid still I’d put my mouth over her and feel her throbbing as I sucked her and let my tongue roll between her lips, all over her clit. She’d scream out as I pushed my finger inside her. I’d let her get close, then I’d slow down, then bring her slowly back to boil again. Then when I felt her muscles widen as I pushed another finger in her I’d keep my hand on her as I leant up, opened the drawer by my bed and pulled the vibrator out I had put there for just this moment. She’d be confused by the noise until I’d turn it on and trace it over her nipples, telling her I was going to fuck her with it. I’d race it down her belly as she’d be biting her lip and arching her back. Underneath where her perfect butt had been resting the sheets would be crumpled and the bed would be wet from the way I had teased her with my tongue. I’d cover the head of the vibrator with a tiny bit of lube, then I’d make circles with the tip of it around her lips. I’d lick her a little more as the vibrator buzzed at her opening. Then when I thought she was ready, I’d open her up with one hand as I pushed the tip of it inside her. She’d be moaning so loudly now and the bed would be shaking from all her contorting and struggling. I’d tell her she’d been so good as I pushed it in a little further. After that I’d bend down to lick her again, pushing the vibrator in and out, watching her soft lips roll and close over the taper of the head of the vibrator. I’d focus my tongue on her clitoris, flicking at it in rhythm with my hand pushing the vibrator inside her, fucking her. Annika would go quiet and I would feel her body tense. Her breathing would be hoarse as she tried to close her thighs around my face. When she arched her back and pumped down onto me with her hips I’d push the full length inside and suck on her. As she came she’d scream and I’d keep my mouth closed over her as she exploded. Then as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her I’d slide the vibrator out and lightly buzz her clit, making her contort and pull away from me. I’d tell her she’d been so good as I blew on her glistening skin, watching the tiny hairs prickle and waver.


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