up high

“Hey, come on, its easy, just mind the sharp bits”. I stared back at him thinking this was ridiculous. “It’ll be fine, I’ll catch you.” He leaned casually against the fence, his fingers poking through the wire gently stroking mine. He looked unnervingly beautiful in the light green glow of the streetlights. Light drizzle had turned the concrete black and silver, and a cold breeze edged its way around the collar tightly fastened around my neck. The involuntary shudder that rippled up my spine gave away my nervousness and his tone became teasing as he played with my fingers. “Seriously, this factory’s been closed for years, don’t be a chicken; just climb up the fence, slide through razer wire and jump. Shut your eyes if you want to, I promise I’ll catch you”.

As far as dates go, it had started off promisingly. Good food, plenty of wine, and a conversation that oozed wit and charm. We were both ‘on show’ and loving it; fast cracking jokes, outrageous stories and just enough of that edge in the conversation to give the game away. We’d left the restaurant leaning close enough for me to smell the scent of his skin mixed in with soap and washing powder.

I briefly considered the power of this boy’s charm as I surveyed the scene perched precariously atop a creaking mesh fence. I must be insane. The ground seemed miles away and my heart was pounding in my chest. He flashed a strangely feline smile at me. He was all Eyes and Teeth reflecting in the light as I wriggled uncomfortably, trapped in the barbed wire. “Come on, just do it.” His voice had a strangely persuasive tone and my face flushed at the challenge. I shut my eyes and fell off the fence, feeling a million hooks tearing at my skin.

Just like he promised, I fell into him. He confidently cradled my sprawling form in his firm grip, gently placing me on my feet. There was that soft smell of skin again, now with a trace of sweat. He brushed my hair from my face and slowly wiped away the little drop of blood from the graze on my cheek. His tenderness unsettled me. I found myself wondering “Do I really even know this person?”

I followed his rapidly retreating figure across a car park littered with decaying machinery. I was long past being logical and followed mutely, gratefully grasping the hand he casually offered without looking. I blindly smashed into him when we arrived at a darkened doorway, leaning my weight into him as we peered in. My nipples hardened as they brushed against him and I let my stomach mould into the curve of his warm back. My chin hooked over his shoulder and we both turned to look at the rusted padlock hanging from the door.

“Minor technicality.” he laughed and I felt his muscles ripple under his shirt. He sprang forward and slammed into the door, breaking the lock and forcing it open. Where our bodies had parted felt like an enormous tear and I ached to be touching him again. I slowed my breathing as I ran clammy hands over my shirt and skittishly followed him into the hallway. Blackness swallowed us, stuffing itself into our mouths and ears. My pulse roared inside my head and I hung onto his fingertips like a life raft.

Suddenly to the left of us, a machine screeched to life. Flashing lights panicked me and I turned to run for the door. His grip on my wrist tightened and he pulled me towards him. I opened my mouth to scream but his hand was already clamped over my mouth. His eyes locked into mine as he pulled me into him and he mouthed “Its OK.” I was stuck fast in his grip as every nerve in me exploded in fear. He held me tightly, hand still holding back my scream until my rigid form relaxed and slowly melted into him. I could feel that he had begun to harden and as his gaze washed over me, fear was replaced with an incredible high. He brushed his lips softly against mine, pulling away slightly as my mouth opened. He laughed and knew he had me.

Without speaking he propelled me up the staircase and we climbed in almost total darkness. He was close behind me now and I could feel his breath stinging my neck. A current passed right through me from where I could still feel his lips burning mine, right through my chest, rippling over my legs and setting me on fire. As we climbed ever higher I felt my chest flush. Under all these clothes I was sweating, and every step made my thighs rub sending a rush right through me.

In the near dark I crashed into a steel door at the top of the stairs. The coldness of the metal startled my hot hands and I reeled backwards, sinking back into him. His hips cradled mine and he gently reached around me and pushed the door open. Warmth exploded inside of me and I felt my pussy swell slightly as I registered how his hands were all over me and his hard on was pressing into my lower back.

The door swung open onto a platform. We were miles from the ground, and I could see the city sprawl out in every direction. Wind whipped at my hair and he pushed me out onto the ledge. Inching out along the metal grille of the walkway I panicked again and scrambled back for the door, but his body blocked my retreat. “Nearly there” he whispered hoarsely. He held my face in his hands to stop me looking down at the ground, then ran a finger down my neck and onto my collar bone, resting on the top button of my shirt. I was breathing hard with ragged breaths and my skin burned from his touch. He saw my hands shaking and folded them inside his, then drew me into his arms. His mouth found mine and he gently explored my lips with his tongue, pushing me up against the wall. As he kissed me his hands pushed my shirt up and I felt his lips curl into a smile when he felt my tingling nipples and heaving chest.

I swallowed hard, and crept forward. He leaned in closer to me and somehow the warmth of his body and his hand on my lower back compelled me forward. We were on a staircase on the outside of the building, miles from the ground and heading for the roof. Every time I looked down my stomach lurched into my mouth and my head swam from the height. I have never been so afraid in my life.

Scrambling over the last of the walkway we collapsed onto the roof in a tangle of arms and legs. I’m bent over face forward at an awkward angle and all too aware of his weight bearing down on me, his breath hot in my ear. He pushes his hips forward and presses into me, and the sigh that escapes me is torn away by the wind. He helps me stand up, still behind me and gently walks me forward to the rail. Pinned against the railing, facing out at the enormous expanse of space fifteen storeys off the ground, my chest tightens and I can barely breathe.

My eyes close as his hands caress my jaw and neck. He kisses my cheek and runs his tongue down my ear, softly biting my ear lobe. His fingers find their way onto my collar and he unbuttons my shirt with one hand. I reach backwards to remind myself of the curve of his waist and butt but he takes hold of my hand and closes it back over the railing. His free hand wanders casually over my breast, slipping under my bra and teasing my peaked nipple. With one hand still locked over mine he slides down further into the waistband of my skirt. Icy air is whipping at my face, blowing my hair back into my open mouth. He slides first his fingers and then the flat of his hand down into my knickers, gently cupping me in his hand. He breathes into my ear how much he loves sliding his hand over the soft curves of my breasts, belly and hips, how he wants me to let him feel my wetness and how it will turn him on. My reply is incoherent, just howling wind and elongated syllables, yet my body responds to his explorations and I shudder as he begins to stroke me more firmly with his fingers; already starting to moisten from the slow circles he’s tracing over my pussy. His other hand uncurls from where it had imprisoned mine, slides down my waist and over my hips. I can feel him unzip his trousers slowly as he starts flicking his fingers over my clit. He leans forward, lifting up the back of my skirt and pressing his cock against me. I feel the tiniest drop of fluid escape him as he rubs up against my butt. My back arches and I spread my legs apart, no longer caring that I’m leaning right over the railing.

His teasing has made me swell and the anticipation is agonising. I push my hips back into his and rock my butt back up against his cock, hanging onto the rail and staring down into the intersection that seems an eternity below us. He’s pulled my underwear around my knees and I feel his fingers wander from my hardened clit further down my pussy. He slowly slides a finger inside me and I scream soundlessly.

My body is arched back and my hips are grinding him, all sensation focussed on his fingers penetrating me, spreading in a warm wave over my legs and into my stomach. He’s pressed his hips hard into me, with his cock pushed up against my butt. I can feel his foreskin roll up and down over the head of his penis as he rubs against me, matching his timing to the rolling of my hips as I push down hard on his hand, desperate for a deeper penetration. The railing is rocking unsteadily but I’m beyond caring. He finally lifts my hips up with both hands, pushes the tip of his cock into my pussy and lets me bear hard down onto his hips, forcing him to split me apart, sending the most delicious ripple of my muscles over his shaft. His timing is perfect and he slams into me and then withdraws slowly, again and again. I’m beyond seeing, thinking, feeling anything but the burning intensity every time our hips collide.

My climax isn’t explosive; it builds in pitch and intensity and envelopes me, ricocheting around my nerves, radiating all through my flesh. I’m shuddering and half paralysed as he crests and comes, nearly sending us both off the railing from the force of it. Slowing to a stop he collapses onto my back, both arms wrapped around me, both of us leaning down staring into the traffic. I turn my cheek to rub against his nose and he tickles my ear with a kiss.

“Um, I suppose we have to get down now.”


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