a game we play

(sound of phone ringing)



Will you do something for me?


You need to open the curtains and turn on the lamp behind you

Don’t worry you can finish painting your nails later

Good, pull up a chair close to the window

That’s it. Now sit on the chair, facing the street

You look very beautiful in the half light.

I’m going to tell you what you need to do and you will do it for me

Move your hair out of your face, I want to see you clearly

Put the phone on speaker and rest it on the windowsill so you can hear me and you can have both your hands free

The first thing you have to do now

Is very slowly, unbutton your shirt

Good, now with the shirt buttons undone I want you to run your right hand over your bra, under your shirt

Very gently, just the tips

Slower, yes

Now take off your shirt, first the left sleeve, then the right

Sit up in the chair, with your arms at your sides, hands in your lap, I am going to look at you

Lift your chin, I’m watching the light grazing your collar bone and your chest

There are the most delicate shadows under the cups of your breasts, stop- don’t look down, be still

And the light very perfectly colours your cheek and your shoulder

Turn your head to the right, I want to see your neck stretched in the lamplight

This is where I would kiss you. From your left ear lobe all the way down to your shoulder

Put your finger where my lips would go and trace the line I just described to you

Imagine that its me doing it while you touch your skin

Now keep your finger going and slide your bra strap off your shoulder

Just let the strap rest there, around your arm

Put your right index finger in your mouth and suck it

Now trace a line from your mouth, down your neck to your collarbone

From your collarbone to your other bra strap

Your finger is where my mouth is, my breathing soft and wet on your neck

My teeth slowly pulling your bra strap down off your shoulder

Good, lift your head again, I want to see your bare shoulders

Lean forward and with one hand undo your bra

Pull it off slowly and drop it on the floor next to you

Sit up, so I can see your bare skin

Reach across with your left hand and cup your breast

You can softly stroke it, and feel the weight of it in your palm

Now your thumb can lightly graze your nipple

A little more, I want to see it harden under your finger tip

Pinch it gently

A little harder

Now your right hand has to move to your right breast

Your palm holding it, fingers stretched out

Dig your nails in a little

A little more

Slide your hand down, I want to see the small red marks left by your nails

Good, now stand up

And undo the button on the back of your skirt

Now the zip

And pull it down

Now sit back down

Rest your hands on your knees

And slowly

Push them apart



Now slide your right hand along your inner thigh, raking it slightly with your nails

Stop before you get to your underwear

Your finger will run the line of the crease of your thigh

And you will imagine my tongue, the tip dipping into that crease

Your left hand on your knee now working its way back

Your grip tightening as you react to the sensations of my tongue so, so close

My hands on your legs, my mouth on the soft skin of your thighs

Small bites inching their way closer

My tongue darting over your cunt

Soft flickers that become increasingly harder, more intent

Exploring the countours of your mound

Knowing you want me to slide my tongue further, deeper

My mouth over your slit, the warmth and wetness of you

As my tongue

(Cut. Curtain suddenly closes)



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2 responses to “a game we play

  1. Wow! So hot, and what a one-woman show this would make 😉

  2. breanna

    hey, i know this one…this was one of the most challenging and surprisingly erotic things i’ve ever done. i can’t wait to see it materialize with bobby’s ideas. i should really write a blog post about doing this recording.

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