I’ll take off my top and undo my bra if you cup my breasts in your hands and kiss me slowly.

I’ll kiss you deeply with my hands stroking your breasts if you slide your hand into my jeans and feel my cock hardening for you.

I’ll feel your cock hardening for you if you step out of those trousers and leave them over there with mine.

I’ll take off my trousers if you’ll suck gently on my ear lobe.

I’ll suck gently on your earlobe if you’ll take tiny bites of my neck.

I’ll take little bites of your soft skin on your neck down to your collarbone if you kiss your way down my chest and bite my nipple.

I’ll bite your nipple and work my way over your chest if you cup my mound and tease my pussy with your fingertips through the fabric of my underwear.

I’ll tease your pussy and feel the wetness starting to seep through the fabric if you run your nails along the inside of my thighs.

I’ll raise a soft red line on the pale skin of your inner thigh with my long nails if you take my knickers off with your teeth.

I’ll take off your knickers already damp with your lust if you run your tongue along the ridge on the underside of my cock.

I’ll lick the underside of your cock and feel you twitch as I race my tongue over the tip of you if you give my butt a firm, stinging slap.

I’ll slap you and your skin will glow warm if you put an ice block in your mouth.

I’ll put an ice block in my mouth and tease the tip of your cock with my tongue if you, hmmm. If you…. slide your tongue along the length of my slit.

I’ll slide my tongue slowly over your slit as you tremble if you put your hand on my cock and stroke it as you suck.

I’ll wrap my fingers around you and stroke your firm thick cock if you suck your index finger to moisten it and slide it inside me as you lick my pussy lips.

I’ll lick your slick pussy lips and slide my finger deep inside you till I hear you moan if you take my cock deeper into your mouth and hold the base of my cock tight so I swell tighter and harder in your hand.

I’ll take your cock as deep as I can inside my mouth, gripping the base of you so the veins swell and you become thick and rock solid if you lick my clit with your tongue and slide another finger inside me.

I’ll put a second finger inside you and curl it forward as I lick your clit that is throbbing and hard and aching for attention until i hear you cry out if you will hold on long enough to push your still tight cunt over my cock till our hips meet.

I’ll bear down till I’m stretched around your cock, your body arched to push yourself further into me if you will put your hands on my hips and follow my rhythm rolling on top of you.

I’ll follow your pace as it rises and crests, till I can feel heat spreading from inside you and silky fluid flows out from your cunt and over my balls If you come hard, head tipped back and eyes closed, your body exploding above mine.

If you give me that, you can have anything you want.





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7 responses to “trade

  1. Oh, yes. Absolutely anything!

    What a great little piece and so well written.



  2. thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it xx

  3. Fantastic piece!
    For some reason, the first thought that popped into my head was “You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.”

  4. Ooh, lovely! But how cruel of you to stop there. Next chapter? 🙂

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